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please adopt Jul. 12th, 2009 @ 10:53 pm
I love the idea of this story but I don't have the time to devote to it.

My bunny

Clex: a new S1 what if Oct. 8th, 2008 @ 03:50 am
So, I was reading some fascinating but depressing S6/S7 meta last night about the root of Lex´s obssesion with Clark and his secrets, and it got me thinking:

What if Clark had jumped out of the way from the oncoming Lex´s car in Loebb Bridge? I am thinking, the boy had super-speed already in those early days, right? He sure can be seen making use of that particular power when failing to catch the school bus in the Pilot. So, it would be not unreasonable to think his reflexes to be extra-fast when facing the danger of him being hit by a car (perhaps he did heard the car screeching when Lex tried to reverse its course so it did not hit the boy and had time for move himself out of the way?). And that would have him using his power in a totally instinctive way to jump out of the way, right?

But Lex´s car still would go into the river. So, now you have a totally unharmed Clark jumping into the river purely to rescue Lex from a most wet death. Clark could to use his super-strength then to open the driver´s door or to smash the window in it, instead of him ripping the car roof in a totally show off way. I mean, Clark was (is) super-strong and he cannot to rip a car door or smash a itsy bitsy car window? Come on!

So, we now has a Lex who has zero motives to investigate anything related his car accident, and indirectly his new friend too. How will that affect his interaction with Clark? It would be interesting to see the possible different ways in which their friendship develops under this premise. As well as the ways in which it would modify certain events in canon, I think.

Hope someone out there will be adopting this little bunny. I would really love to read a fic borne of it.
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bunny!!! Bruce, Ollie, and Lex, all fighting over Clark!!! Sep. 24th, 2008 @ 04:29 pm
so, best thing about the S8 pilot!!

spoilers S8Collapse )

This made me totally wanna see fics, where Ollie, Bruce and Lex are absolutely fighting and hating each other over Clark!
or they compete who is winning Clark's heart (and uhmm body , of course, too).

Or somehow, Superman ends up on an maybe charity auction, and all 3 billionaires (bonus, if you can get Tony Stark into the fic too, coz GUHHH Iron Man, I am totally converted to that movie), are bidding like mad to get him!!

hahah, omg, please, someone makes me happy, and write that fic!

Updates and Challenges Jun. 17th, 2008 @ 05:04 pm
visit svmusichallenge for the new challenge update!


BUNNY: Jericho-inspired SV apocafic Apr. 6th, 2008 @ 06:01 pm
Has someone thought about taking the plot of the TV series Jericho and use it to write a Smallville fic? I have always found most interesting to see or to read about how communities, and small communities in especial, to handle an apocalyptic event. How they join forces to go forth unbeated. And also how a catastrophe brings forth the better and the worse inside people, both. Something like that would be especially interesting if happening to Smallville, IMO. I mean, there are mutants, aliens and what not, right? It all would be a excellent breeding ground to some really awesome chapters, for sure. Because, would be the mutants - or some of them at least - a danger or a welcomed help? And would be Clark´s secret finally revealed to best him being of help to his community? If so, how his neighbors would react? They could perfectly to think aliens went and screw the entire country into a disastrous defensive state by this sorta apocalypse, after all!

Also, it would be fascinating to see how the new situation to affect some especific people, in the event of such situation becoming sorta permanent. I am thinking of Lana, who I think no strong enough (emotionally, and perhaps physically too) to endure something like that. And this would come to be of importance with the Clana being in existence. Because in my mind this bunny has Clana at first and later, slow but sure, Clex. I would love to see the evolution of that, Clark going from one pairing to another. What mental and emotional processes he would undergo to make that change in mates? And how Lana would fare in all of it?

Also, how him being stuck in Smallville in the event of a pseudo-apocalypse and its aftermath would affect Lex? I mean, would he see it as the perfect opportunity to grasp the power seat in the place that well could be the last outpost in America (what with people so disinformed, disoriented and afraid and subsequently easily influenced to follow anyone who put themselves forward as a strong enough leader) or as a good mean of finally ingratiate himself to the community, thus fulfilling his deep-based longing of being accepted? Fascinating bit of psychological study there, right? Also, a mind like Lex´s - brilliant, strategy-oriented and educated in so many diverse subjects what could be of use when facing an apocalypse, such as Engineering for example - would be priceless to a bunch of farmers and shopkeepers, IMO. I mean, an isolated community as Smallville would become in the aftermath of an supposed apocalypse (isolated so they can be defended against unknown and potentially hostile agents) would need to be self-reliant in terms of electrical power, water supply, fuel supply, etc. And there would be probably nuclear plants and/or another dangerous facilities nearby what need to be secured and shut down to grant a grain of safety to Smallvillians. I think Lex could to find a very nice niche to himself in a situation such as it, and to finally develope at full his capacities to care for a big group of people. A real benign ruler, he would be if wanted.

Likewise, I wonder if would such situation allow for Clark and Lex healing the Rift, parching their differences and becoming friends again? Perhaps finally coming to know each other, truly knowing each other, and realizing what motivate their actions and reactions? Working together towards a common aim will do that. And perhaps even will provide that final change in mates. Heh!

Anyway, this bunny would fit better in later SV seasons (5th and beyond) than earliest ones so the drama can be at its best (the Rift itself only would grant that). I envision Jonathan Kent in the rol of Johnston Green (Gerald McRaney), not as Mayor but as new elected Governor for Kansas (and so the highest authority in the moment of the catastrophe). Clark, of course, would be in the rol of Jake Green. And Lex would be in the rol of Gray Anderson (Michael Gaston), rivaling Jonathan for the power seat in Smallville (as he so was for the Governor´s office in Kansas in the show). I confess to have watched only Jericho´s pilot and two episodes in the season 1, so I have no idea about how that Gray Anderson character would turn in time. But I think that having him as base (sorta), it would be really interesting to see the ways in which Lex would change and evolution as person in a given environment.

What do you think about this bunny? Hum. I hope nobody has posted a bunny like this of mine previously, but if so then I apologize. But I perused briefly the Memories here and saw not a bunny Jericho-inspired. Bye!
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